A dedication to Nature and Space, because Flowers and Happiness bloom from within

Flower Hotels display two iconic buildings with a different personality but perfectly created for a sophisticated guest who is always seeking a new experience.


Flower Room

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Garden Room

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Food Revolution

At the Flower Restaurants we don`t offer meals, we provide an experience.  Your perception on good food won`t be the same after trying one of our restaurants: Flower or Brutal Steakhouse. Each dish will take you on an imaginary trip through unique flavors and spices combined to create a mouthwatering explosion of taste. 

Flower Restaurant

Brutal Steakhouse

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Ayrveda Spa Center

Relax and indulge yourself in a carefully selected range of beauty and massage treatments at our exclusive Spa. We offer an unforgettable experience of relaxation, balance and renewal with specialized treatments and exclusively bringing in Albania the Ayrvedic Spa Therapies with application of steam, oils and massage therapies to cleanse the system of toxic “ama”.  

Maintain your inner balance